Accounting & Business Advisory Specialists in the Restaurant  Industry

The Menu


Operational Budget

A must for those would like to see if their concept will be profitable.

Capital Budget

A budget put together to show the cost of opening your new venture and how to fund your new business.

Menu Pricing

Get a taste of what it costs to make a dish and what price it should be sold to make a profitable menu.



We look after the administrative side of your restaurants finances and include recording and organising transactions.

Statutory Accounting & Tax

Your statutory accounts and company tax return is prepared and submitted to Companies House and HMRC.


Your VAT return is prepared and submitted to HMRC on a quarterly basis.

Payroll & Auto Enrolment

A full payroll service which monitors holiday pay, sickness and a portal for each employee providing their payslips and other documents.


Cash Flow 

This dish is for those who are looking to strengthen their cash flow position in their business

Management Reporting

Monthly profits, prime cost report, break even analysis and much more top help you understand how your business is performing.

Recommended by the Chef


We will report on your behalf to HMRC of any tips distributed to your employees.

Business Valuation

We will preapre a business valuation so you can sell or even seek investment for your business.


We will work with you to ensure your business in a position to seek investors, acquire bank loans, acquire HP finance and much more.


The Profits First System


The Profits First System (designed by Michael Showalwitz) is a system many Restuaranters use to help them manage their tax bills, staff, wages, operating expenses but also to take more money home!

''The Profits First System changes the way you think about Accounting''

Many of you will take your sales, minus your expenses, and take home whatever profit you have left in the pot.


What if we could get you to take your sales, minus your desired profit and pay your operating expenses with what you have left in the pot?


You will be surprised how a simple change could have such a positive impact on your finances. Curious? We can explain you more during your free discovery call.

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Who we help?

Fast Food

High table turnover, low cleaning costs and a budget to include storage and disposalble items.

Takeout & Delivery

Moderate pricing, speedy prep and budget for delivery costs.

Table Service La Carte

Dining room space, a good layout floor plan and a budget for general overheads especially rent and labour costs.

Food Trucks

Correct permits ,a budget for fuel and leasing costs will make a good profit to an existing restaurant.


Great drinks prepared with low labour costs and some fancy bar equipment


A recipe which is a mix of a restuarant and takeout reaching a greater customer taste.

Ice Cream

E Commerce

A recipe which is a mix of a restuarant and takeout reaching a greater customer taste.

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How we can help your Restaurant


No more downloading sales reports. We will connect your EPOS system directly to your accounting platform.

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Don't worry about collecting & storing proof of expenses. Our partnership with Receipt Bank means we can collect expenses directly from your suppliers.


We are Pro Advisors of the cloud accounting platform QuickBooks. QuickBooks can prepare a daily profit and loss and a balance sheet. We can also provide reports on how much money is owed to suppliers at any given time.


We are regulated by the Institute of Financial Accounts. This gives you assurance that your financials will be prepared to a high a standard.


No more messy spreadsheets. Your employees will have access to their own portal so they can access their payslips and request leave or report sickness.


Unlike a general practitioner, we specialises in the restaurant business. With our vast experience, we can provide you a model to help your venture become financial successful.